Budskab fra the arcturians om den ny tid

“Beloved family of light, human beings. We are the arcturians, and we are here to bring you a message. The earth is expanding faster than ever before. You might feel it like a pulse deep within the earth. Like a fire coming from within the earth, trying to find its way out. And you might feel like that inside of yourself as well. Like a fire burning deep within you, growing stronger and stronger for everyday. An eternal flame inside of you. A fire trying to burn away everything that no longer serves you, so that you can enter the new you in the new Earth. Dearest child of the light. As you listen to or read this message you know deep down inside of yourself that you are evolving with the planet earth, because the fire and the flame inside the earth is also the fire and the flame inside of you. Maybe you can visualize the powerful flame in the center of mother earth, and at the same time you can feel deep in your heart a flame and fire inside of yourself. These two flames are connected on a level you might not be able to understand right now. This is your energetic connection from your soul to the earth. Know this, dearest child of the light, that you are incarnated at the right time at the right place because you have a mission to fulfill. A soul mission on earth. And right now walls are being torn down, veils are being lifted and you might feel like the carped is drawn away under your feet. You might feel disorientated, confused, frustrated, depressed, anxious, stressed and in deep despair. But this is only the fire inside of you and inside of the earth burning away everything that no longer serves you. Old energy, old patterns, old believes, circumstances, relationships, feelings, thoughts and heaviness in your system.  So please don´t fight it. This is the gift you have been waiting for. This is the golden time arriving right in front of you. This is you taking a big step forward in creating the new earth in corporation with your soul family, your light family and every light being in the universe. We, the arcturians stand by your side in every step you take. We are helping you to evolve and we are helping you to let your fire, your flame grow and burn every unwanted energy away from your life and your system so that you can stand fully and strong in your own light. So that you can walk on the earth as a master of light, as a light being and show the rest of the world the way to the new earth, to a new consciousness, a new way of being in the world. This is only what you have been waiting for.  So do yourself a favor, Instead of resisting this process which we know is very difficult for you to handle, we urge you to have patience and be gentle with yourself while this process is going on. We urge you to keep on moving and take every step along the way on your own path and you will eventually reach the light in the new diamond consciousness entering earth. A new earth, a new consciousness where from you can live from the highest dimensions. A consciousness, where from you can manifest your dreams and live in joy, harmony, peace and abundance. You might sit and wonder if this is really true. You might think if this is just an illusion or in your imagination when you feel deep down in your body and your soul that this is the truth. So please stop wondering and worrying. This is the truth, this is the new earth, this is a new beginning. Know that you are protected. Know that we are sending our finest dragons to help you along the way. Feel how these dragons are putting on a coat of protection, light and courage around you and keep on moving step by step, day by day. And before you know of it you will find yourself right there in the middle of your dreams, in the middle of the new earth. Dearest child of the light, lightwarrior we honor you and we cherish you and we support you every step in every way. So be brave and walk the path that you deep down in your soul know that you are meant to walk and you will find yourself living in joy, freedom, love and abundance. And so it is”

Channeled by Louise Camille