Isis – Blue Lotus Healing

I am Isis your divine mother. I give to thee my Blue Lotus, the fragrance of love and light, the very key of life. Listen to my words as I gently whisper through the loop of the ankh into your ears. Feel the vibrations of my words and let them fill up you entire energy system. These words of light carry with them the highest vibrations of love and they hold the power to transmute any blockage you may carry in your body, mind or soul.
As you receive my words through this transmission the sacred keys and powers of your own divinity is unlocked inside you and you can rise like a phoenix to the sun and stand tall in all your light and glory. It is time for you to realise the true power you hold inside as a the divine child you are.
Do not be silent any longer beloved, you are free to speak your truth. You are free to use your God given power for the greatest benefit of all living beings.I offer to you my Blue Lotus, the healing power that will set you free from any negative believe about yourself and your ability to reclaim your divine power and free humanity from suffering and pain.
If you choose so, you can open your heart to receive and smell the healing of the Blue Lotus and embrace the sacred words of light spoken directly to you and for you. You hold inside the key of light and life that will liberate you and set you free.
I am Isis your mother of light. My love for you is unconditionally. under my wings you are always safe and protected”.

Channeled by
Savannah Moon