Jesua – åben dit hjerte for kærligheden

❤️Open your heart to love ❤️
Message from Jesua
Channeled by Savannah

“Dearest children of the light. I am Jesua and I hold the deepest love for all of you in my heart.

My request for all of you is to open you beautiful hearts and let the eternal, unconditional love flow from within and into the hearts of every other human being you meet on your way.

Only love will set you free. Only love will reunite humanity in one collective heart and let in the light you long for.

YOU are the saviour you are looking for,
YOU hold the key to free the world from pain, terrror, war, hate and human suffering.

When you meet a fellow human being, open you heart, look him og her in the eye and know that you are him or her and he or she is you. You are one.

When you see a fellow human being in pain, know that this pain is yours too.
When you see people suffering, know that because of that you suffer too.
You are all part of the same source. Therefore what you do to others you are doing to yourselves as well.

You are now ready for a deeper awakening and opening in your human hearts which will have a huge impact on the collective field you share as human beings.

And this heart opening will have deep impacts on your global og national social, political and economic systems and therefore on the entire humanity.

This process can be painful as you need to let go of the ego and the old way of being in the world. And it will make the darkness come to the surface only to be transformed by the love and the light you hold in your hearts.

This love and light is about to enter the human collective heart in a way you haven’t seen or experienced before and it will eventually lead to love, unity and oneness.

When each and one of you open your heart to the unlimited and unconditional love that flows inside of you, you are healing not only yourself but mankind.

Each and everyone of your beautiful hearts play an important role in the healing of humanity and the ascension process right now.

And you will succeed, you will complete and you will let love defeat darkness.
I love you deeply and unconditionally and send you all my blessings”