kanaliseret budskab fra Kuthumi

Om det aktuelle energiskifte på Jorden

“Beloved family of light. Prepare yourself for the new Earth, a new time on Earth with a major shift in human consciousness , an expansion from one level to another. A level which will lift up the entire frequency on planet Earth and in human consciousness. A frequency which contains higher vibrations than you have ever experienced before. These are the vibration of love and compassion, of light, peace and harmony . Vibrations that you long for and are suppose to live in.

The energyshift right now is all about preparation for these higher vibration and freqencies on Earth. It is all part of a greater divine plan in creating the new earth. It is all about leaving the old and making space for the new. A new timeage on planet Earth. A timeage with so many new possibilities for the human beings.

It is a time for expansion and a lift in vibration which gives you humans the possibility to connect even deeper with your own soul and with the universe. Many of you old souls have deep unconscious memories  of earlier timeages such as earlier life in Atlantis and many more after that.

You are being called to service now. Service to help creating the new Earth and enter the new Golden timeage. Each and one of you has special abilities needed in the proces of lifting and shifting the energy and the human consciousness. Each and every one of you are helping this proces by diving deep in to your soul and remembering who you really are. A being of light. A being of love and on a mission to help planet Earth to heal and shift.

You know who you are, because you are being guided, and led to it now more than ever.  You cannot hide any longer. It is time to come out of your shell and reveal yourself for the benefit of Earth and for humanity.

So lightwarrior , dearest child of the light, starseeds and earthangels come on out. Show Your true self and allow yourself to follow that inner knowlegde and wisdom of yours of why you are here and what you are here to do. No more playing hide and seek . Your time has come now. This is it and we are happily waiting for you. Kuthumi”.

By Louise Camille