Open your diamond dragon heart

“I am Sophia, the mother of all mothers. The very source of all creation. I am the life force that moves and lives within everything and everyone.
I AM within you and all around you. You and I are one. You are me and I am you. We are one.
I invite you to enter into my ashram, a field of love. A void of nothing yet everything. As you enter into this void, my womb, the place of all creations, you will remember who you are. You will open your beautiful diamond dragon heart that carries within it all colours, sounds and frequencies of the Universe.
Your dragon heart is a golden magnet of sacred geomitry. When fully awakened it reflects all the loving colours, rays, sounds and frequencies of the one Source of all creation that you and I are. We are one. When awakening your diamond dragon heart a powerful electromagnetic field is created within and around you. A field of pure white and golden light, yet reflecting all colours.
A field of love, peace, compassion, strenght, protection, harmony and balance.
I bring to thee my white dove of healing, peace and love. It will help you heal and open up your heart to the remembrance of who you are – Source light.
Walk with me on a journey of love beloved and you shall find what you seek. You shall open your heart and know that you and I are one. You shall know yourself as love.
I AM Sophia your mother of all mothers. You and I are one”.
Channeled by
Savannah Moon