Pleiadian High Council -You grow through Pain

A beautiful message from the pleiadian Council.
“Greetings beloveds we are the pleiadian high council of seven. We want to bring you a message about your beautiful, beautiful heart and the way it functions in the ascension proces.
 It is for those of you who walk the path of love and are incarnated light beings on Earth right now.When you incarnated you made a choice and a special commitment. And that choice was to walk the path of love on Earth, and therefore you are deeply committed to unfolding yourself as a soul and a being of light. An evolvement which takes place from within your heart in a way that makes you able to spread the beautiful light from your heart out into the world around you in order to help the rest of humanity and the planet Earth to ascend to the higher dimensions.
What you may not remember when you incarnated is that in order for your heart to unfold and to be able to spread this beautiful light on Earth you also committed yourself to a certain amount of challenges in your lifetime.That is because every challenge, every pain, every struggle and every sorrow you experience is helping your heart to unfold from within. You grow through the pain. Each and every challenge you meet on your life path makes you stronger, although it might not always feel like it. But we assure you, that is the case. Every time you meet a challenge, every time you feel pain in your heart because of circumstances in your life , your heart is developing the ability to hold and spread more and more light.
Imagine your heart as beautiful rose who gently opens itself up during your lifetime. It grows through all the challenges and becomes more and more vulnerable, soft and flexible and it keeps growing no matter what happens around it. And as you grow through your challenges in life every little petal of this inner flower is unfolding even more, opening itself up and the petals become more and more pure and vibrant because all the mud and the dust is washed away by the water and the sun.
This is the inner process in your heart when the veils, the shadows and the darkness is washed away and the purity of your soul shines through.
Just like a flower blossoming your heart’s opening is an advanced spiritual process that goes on until your beautiful heart is fully open and the flower inside is fully blooming with all its beauty and uniqueness. And you see beloveds, this flower in your heart is not comparing itself to other flowers in all the other hearts because through all the challenges you go through in life you also connect deeper to your soul and your own uniqueness and the very essence of who you are. A being of love and light.
And when you wake up and realise that is what you are, you no longer feel the need to compare yourself with others because you know they are just like you, a beautiful soul and a beautiful light being incarnated on Earth at the same time as you with the same mission and on the same path- the path of love.
And that only makes you feel the deepest love and respect for everyone else and their unique life journey and the opening of their heart.
That is when you feel an inner peace in your heart and you feel an inner knowing of the light being you are.
That is when you realise, you are walking the path of love and you begin to acknowledge your own beauty, your own uniqueness.
And when you honor and respect that beautiful light in your own heart, you automatically honor and respect the light in everyone else
And you then you become a very powerful being of love with the ability to stand fully in your own light, but also to spread that light all around.
You are like a glowing sun from within and your light inspires and invoke the light in everyone else’s heart.
And that beloveds, is the beauty of it all and the very reason you chose to incarnate on Earth, so that you could find your own light and after that help others to find their unique light and together shine that light around you and lift the entire humanity.
We are the pleiadian high council of seven and we honour you, we treasure you and we follow your path of love with joy , excitement and we are always here to support you in your magnificent and amazing work that you are doing as the most beautiful light beings incarnated on Earth at this time”.
Channeled by
Savannah Moon