Sophia – know yourself as love

“Beloved one, as a Rose Child your destiny always has been and always will be to return to love- the source within. This journey home can be a long, and from a human perspective, challenging one.
Because to know yourself as love is like peeling layers of an onion until you get into the core. The very center of yourself. All the surrounding layers are the parts of you which you have believed yourself to be- the false self, the personal self.
Within these layers are also all your human suffering, your pain and wounds, which you have become attached to throughout your life. All your personal stories and believes about yourself and other people. The ones you think have hurt you and all the things that went wrong.
These are all you personal human stories that keeps you trapped in victimhood as long as you identify with them. It takes a lot of courage to detach from this false self and get to know your true self- the very source of love that you are. It requires that you look at yourself from another perspective. It requires that you look with the eyes of love, your own God self.
You can sit upon your own lotus throne inside your heart and from there you can look with the eyes of love. You can see through the false self and all the pain and suffering. From this place there is only love and compassion for that false self, because you know this is not what you are.
From the lotus throne inside your heart you can embrace every piece and part of yourself and every one else with love and compassion.
From this place – your God self , only love exists.
You came from love and to love you shall return” Sophia.
Savannah Moon