Sophia – White dove healing

SOPHIA – remember who you are – White dove healing 🕊🕊🕊
“Beloved human beings I offer you to step into my field of light and remember who you truly are. Are you willing to unlearn everything you have learned and remember yourself as a being of love ? See this is the most sacred yet challenging task for a human being. To unlearn the conditioned believes about yourself.
As you enter into my field of love an activation deep inside your soul, your cells and your DNA is happening. It is the remembrance of your true being. The love and the light that you are. As you remember who you truly are, you also start to let go of who you are not – the limited, restricted and often very destructive believes about yourself and the power you hold inside.
With the activation of love inside, everything else falls away and healing happens on many levels of your being.
I bring to thee the white dove. The pure white light of God, your Creator. It is A frequency of the purest, highest vibration of love and peace. This sacred holy frequency of love cleanses, purifies and opens the heart to the remembrance of the love you are. It is a divine ray of love entering your heart space to awaken the purity, the peace, the love and the light you truly are.
I am Sophia the mothers of all mothers. My love for you is unconditionally”.
Channeled by
Savannah Moon