Verden har brug for en hær af lyskrigere. Er du en af dem?

Kanaliseret budskab fra Lady Venus 


“Dearest human beings. I am Lady Venus, a goddess of light. I am sent to you from the higher dimensions to bring you a message about love and light. Where I come from, in my civilization only love and light exists. We only communicate by telepathy, emotions and intuition through the heart. There is no such thing as lower vibration as you know it on earth.

I am here to assist you in ascending to higher dimensions. I am bringing you all my love and light from the civilization around Venus. When you open up to receive my energy you allow me to vibrate a very high freqency into the earth and this happens especially through the human channels on earth. That is why we need more channels and more humans to ascend and open up to connect with the various kinds of civilizations in the Universe.

Through me and through Venus we are sending a very special kind of energy, a very soft and high vibrational freqency of love because you people need it to soften your hearts and open up to the divine love, grace and light which is always shining upon you. A great part of humanity is ascending now, but there is still far to many people on earth who needs so much more love and light before the earth can ascend fully. There are still far to much darkness on earth, hiding in humans themselves, hiding inside the earth.

Therefore I am particularly speeking to you dearest lightworker. I am especially bringing this message to you. When you evolve and when you ascend by opening up to the divine and use yourself as a channel for divine love, healing and light, you automatically help the rest of the human beings on earth to ascend because the very fine freqency you are spreading has an impact not only on yourself but on the rest  of the world.

You might not believe it, but your freqency and ascension proces has a deep impact on human beings on the other side of the earth. This is what energy does. It is not bound by a particular place and time, it can spread easily if you let it through. Therefore we need more hands, we need more channels, healers, teachers and preachers of love. We need an army of lightworkers to step up and lead the way to love, harmony and peace.

That is why you, who read this message, play such an important role in this big puzzle, and that is why I am talking to you. When you read this, you will know deep inside of your heart, that you are one of them.  That you are one of the soldiers, one of the healers, preachers, teachers and leaders who are suppose to go first and the rest will then automatically follow. 

So I will ask you to shine your light and never ever hide it away. Never back down no matter what people tell you or what other people believe.  Always connect with the light in your heart and your soul and you will always have an anchor to radiate love, peace and harmony. Everything else is just fear, ego and illusions.

So I am here to ask you dearest child of the light to connect with that sacred light in the heart of yours and to keep beinging connected so that you will alwyas feel that love and light inside of you.  And from that sacred place inside you, you can live, be and spread your unique light in the world. It will help so many people, the planet and the entire humanity. 

Dearest, dearest child of the light I am Lady Venus and I am sending you all my love. I am here to help you and assist you in your proces and whenever you need me, whenever you need to connect with your home in the universe call upon me and I will immediately be with you and surround you with my support, love and compassion”.


Kanaliseret af Louise Camille.